Thursday, July 21, 2011

Concept car: Renault Eclipse By Narayan Subramaniam

Hybrid concept car: Renault Eclipse By Narayan Subramaniam

Concept car: Renault Eclipse By Narayan Subramaniam: Fast decreasing petroleum reserves, increasing environmental pollution and fast crunching parking areas in Metro cities has made it inevitable to look out for cars and bikes that are smaller in size and have lesser carbon foot print. The all new Renault Eclipse is another such try at those hybrid concept car and bikes that promise to change the scenario of how we move around. The three tired Renault Eclipse is a new concept bike cum car which fuses the thrill of a bike with stability of a car. Its unique three tired design is perfectly aerodynamic to give the least possible resistance and have a superior output. The design has been totally inspired by the natural elements. The broader frame work is based shape of solar eclipse or a moon crescent.

Hybrid concept car: Renault Eclipse By Narayan Subramaniam
The seating arrangements for driver and pillion are designed in shape of a cocoon just like that of a silk moth. The unique from suspension based on front two wheels give better stability and tilt control to the bike. With an automated option for tilt control, the riding experience becomes even better. Driver seating has been designed as in a car with reclining seat and passenger seating is as in a bike. The open nature of Renault Eclipse allows the rider to have that wind-in-my-hair experience of a bike and three tired structure gives that stability of a car. Renault Eclipse is a battery-powered vehicle carrying a single Lithium Ion Battery. The paper thin battery is shelved in the body itself to give that sleek look. It has also got wind turbine slots to use the wind energy at higher speeds for that additional auxiliary energy.

Hybrid concept car: Renault Eclipse By Narayan Subramaniam
It has a low ground clearance, but due to superior traction mechanism and suspension, it has a superior steering and stability. Being battery powered, it has a far lesser carbon foot print and is easy to find space for due to its sleek design.

Designer: Narayan Subramaniam
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